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Dave WIlbur, St, LouisDave WIlbur, St, Louis
Dave WIlbur, St, Louis

If all in public office adhered to the Constitution, our money that Keynes called "worthless" would become useless paper. Americas (and the world) are in a trap. If America or the world could vote to abolish the trap, they would vote to keep if because ALL of us are dependent on strips of paper that the first users get for nothing. Without that pernicious paper, the majority would starve. Whose independence is celebrated annualy on the FARCE of July? Shortly after his first inauguration as Presdident, Ronald Reagan said: "We must respect the independence of the Fed"--those private banksters who get all of the spurious "specie" first for nothing. "None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe that they are free."--Johann W. von Goethe

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