James RestonJames Reston, (1909-1995) Scottish-born ("Scotty") New York Times journalist, editor, bureau chief, two Pultizer Prizes, Presidential Medal of Freedom

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“A government is the only vessel known to leak from the top.”

James RestonJames Reston
~ James Reston

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john-douglas, nassau

And depends upon those being leaked upon to plug the holes with their tax money. But this will never save the ship from sinking,

Joel, Rochester, MI

As did the Titanic, our government too will sink. Its stern will rise in the air, as flooded departments drown its citizens in taxes. It will necessarily split under its own weight, and slide into the dark abyss of the coming revolution. Congress will hold firm the railings, criticizing waves of taxes as mandatory social obligations, requiring but modest bailing to re-float. Only then will the People recognize their Freedoms, long since removed from the ship, as the lifeboats that may have saved them.

Irrev. Gölök Zoltán Leenderdt Franco [Van Dongen(-)Mes] Buday, Vancouver, GVRD(Paine County), BC(SU),USoEh!(USoA)

Another clever one, this is what happens when everyone studies law to learn legalease and write it, but not learn the Law of Gravity. Or in Government's case, the U.S. Constitutional Law.

jodopo, michigan

Like that sinking simile - its titanical!


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