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Dr. Tom LaMar, KDr. Tom LaMar, K
Dr. Tom LaMar, K

America's wealth had already been "redistributed" upward to the top 1% long ago in case you missed that; just time for a "correction" cycle which should include if not nullifying, at least lessening the damage to the working classes of this country since especially the civil war ! Just read Lysander Spooner and Smedley Butler for a start... "all the traffic will bear" and all that; the absolutley demonic elitist classes at their worst and now especially so since the fall of their only true potential rivals, the USSR; remember the big changes with Reaganomics? That's why a few good men in his cabinet quit...and were taken to task for it ! Eliot Spitzer, where are you ? I hope he's safe at least; one of my best "good/bad dogs" who is fully capable of taking on wallstreet, the federal reserve, NWO, IMF, WB, but NOT the ISAF....how DOES Petraeus sleep at night? One of the Harvardites/Princetonians RULING class of which we are their "subjects", no longer citizens. When such a man can put up with loss of things, ie, habeas corpus and such, I hold no hope for most "Americans", as we slip into being just "north-americans".

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