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For more Seneca quotes on liberty quotes! (and stoic quotes overall, actually)

Felipe, So Paulo

Probably taken very out of contest, since school girls don't have guns nor would. He probably meant some sort of "spiritual gun" like forgiveness or peace of mind or smtg like that. I would need more evidence to believe this quote is not being taken out of contest and that the Dalai really believe we should defend ourselves (I don't think he does)

Felipe, So Paulo

Sad. But why would I care? According to them, my "ideology" doesn't care that much if the next generation of this civilization goes belly up. Keeping up "bussiness as usual" is the fastest way for that.

Felipe, So Paulo

Yes, Archer, Franklin was proposing speech control through law enforcement. How else would someone "restrain liberties"?

"(...) whenever our legislators shall please so to alter the law"

The problem with Mr. Franklins idea is: who decides what is affronting, calumniating, and defaming? To a lot of "righteous" minds, from past and present, anything and everything that disagrees with their ideas.

Felipe, So Paulo

I'm in doubt. I've saw this quote in a Frank Herbert book (one of the Dune series). Who took from who?

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