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Gary Frye, Concord, NCGary Frye, Concord, NC
Gary Frye, Concord, NC

Agree 100%. In fact, most governments end up this way eventually. Just read 1 Samuel 8, which describes what an evil King/Government will do, then put it to today's language. Have any questions?

Gary Frye, Concord, NC

He did not clarify what he was really thinking. God established government; the best being a Theocracy. After that, a government run by righteous men is good, but once a people vote in unrighteous men, government becomes a burden on the people, and eventually their master.

Gary Frye, Concord, NC

Under our original Republic, established by our Founding Fathers, they recognized the God gave us all our inalienable rights. Under a Democracy, government given us our "rights" and, therefore, can take them away or alter them to suit themselves. Look at HISTORY: Democracy always ends in slavery. The Republic protects the minority citizens rights. In a Democracy, an evil majority will rule and supress a righteous minority.

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