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Gus, Flagstaff, ArizonaGus, Flagstaff, Arizona
Gus, Flagstaff, Arizona

We started losing our Republic when, what I consider, the traitorous Alexander Hamilton sold us down the river in 1791 by conning Congress into chartering a National Banking System financed and run by his compatriots, the International Bankers (Rothschilds, et al). However, it was in 1871, when the unconstitutional 41st Congress finally swept aside the Republic to the dust heap of memory and replaced it with a corporation called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Why did Congress do this? Because our country went into bankruptcy and this was part of the reorganization plan. The principles of this corporation were the International Bankers and they were and still are the ones holding the notes on the debts of our country. What they also did was rewrite the Constitution in their own image. On March 30th of 2010, we dusted off the Republic that lay dormant in the dust heap of history and reinhabited it. It is called "The Republic for the united States" and is the same Republic we had before 1871. For more concise details on these historic events, go to: www.RepublicForArizona.org and watch the video on the home page. This video will show you how we lost our Republic, how we reclaimed the Republic, how you can be part of it, and how you can live a life of being a freeman on the land instead of being a slave to the CORPORATION. For a history of the International Banking Systems and how they have destroyed sovereign nations throughout history, go to: www.GlobalDeceptions.com . You will need to start with the first blog post for a chronoligical insight into the evolution of International Banking Systems.

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