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Jim, Apache JunctionJim, Apache Junction
Jim, Apache Junction

It IS foolish...for you to make such a hypocrital and malformed statement.  That quote is 'literally' reading history.     The American Revolutionaries...literally did have a need to use guns against the government.  Are you seriously that malinformed?    Additionally, have you even bothered to read the federalist papers/antifederalist papers...?  They discussed back and forth, virtually every government in history, what worked, what didn't work...when decided on the constitution.  

I don't see how someone can be so clueless as to come to a page such as this and make such insipid, sophomoric statements.  Clearly either a moron or an intellectually dishonest scamp. 

Jim, Apache Junction

..and yes, they did have cannons and long barrel 'rifles' which were high tech, long range more accurate firearms...ie sniper rifles.     The whole point was the ability to be armed with the firearms of the day.   The british army was using the same weapons...which..by the way were between .60-.75 caliber......today...people aren't allowed to own anything over .50 caliber without someone claiming that .50 cal is for shooting aircraft out of the sky (completely false).    

Are you seriously claiming that it meant that in the 1700's they could have the same armaments as the most advanced army in the world, but that we would be limited to those same weapons in perpetuity...becuase that would be so mentally deficient as to be unfathomable.   They fought at Lexington and concord to keep Brits from taking gun powder...ffs

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