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John L. Mann, Kalamazoo, MIJohn L. Mann, Kalamazoo, MI
John L. Mann, Kalamazoo, MI

What god-fearing nation needs to regulate farms? The infrequent loss-of-topsoil dust bowl, depression and famine are good for building national character. Right? Same thing with fresh water. Let Pepsico et-al sequester ALL rights to it. The 'free market' is the new Almighty...at least according to nitwits who've failed to see that the fruits from their personal labor now BELONGS to the banksters. Commie control or bankster/corporate control? What the hell is the difference? They both equate to TYRANNY and are DEADLY. Falling for the ceaseless media mantra, 'socialism BAD, capitalism GOOD' has turned Americans, even thinking ones usually represented here, into mindless automatons spouting slogans. Our destruction is assured -- because of our trust in selfish, compromised brigands instead of independent, critical thought. This website is ostensibly about freedom? Baloney! It's just another front for the free marketeers to propagate poisonous horseapples -- and for overloud drones to regurgitate TV-inculcated crap.

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