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This perfectly illustrates why The Left is so "emotional" and so unashamed of it.

They judge their "victims" in some unflattering way, feel "guilty" about their judgmental thoughts, and feel moved to "help" the "victim" (as compensation for their ugly judgmental thoughts).

They are very like children in the way they "see" the world.

A mature adult human sees someone in need and asks what they can do to assist. The one thing they do NOT do is tell the person in need that they (the one offering assistance) knows what is best for that person.

The mature adult human LISTENS and does not judge; acting instead out of a genuine appreciation of what it is to be in need, and not out of guilt.

And thus, the help they offer is genuine -- because there is no dictating what the person in need must accept; nor does their help come with strings attached, like The Left does with their implication "You must vote the way I think you should from now on, of course, since you have accepted my "help".

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