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ken, milford

All of the above comments have merit, but you have got to love John Adams. He is always on the mark. What I wouldn't give for someone to be president today that has his integrity, and intelect

ken, milford

In the USA the people have rights, and the government has liberties. Liberties can be revoked by those grantors (the people) but rights derived by GOD cannot ever be revoked. That is if the people are awake,and have the courage to maintain those rights. They are never earned or kept easily. It is an eternal fight.

Ken, Milford

I have been warning people about our government take over for over twenty five years now. For the most part everyone was fat, dumb, or lazy. Now many are waking up and seeing the light. It will take some more losses of their freedoms until they realize that it is time for action. When people feel that they have nothing to lose, they are then, and only then ready for action. I like the way Malcom X put it when he said "by any means necessary". I hope that I live to see the awakening. My Marine Corps oath required me to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign or domestic, and once a Marine, always a Marine.

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