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Kevin Isaac, BudaKevin Isaac, Buda
Kevin Isaac, Buda

I think Milton Friedman has no idea what Equality means!!! A country that does not strive for equality will become Extremely Corrupt!!! When some people have much more money than others, they use their money to buy off Govt. officials to make laws that benefit the rich & fuck the poor! A country that strives for Equality will have much less corruption, because no one will have enough money to buy off Govt. officials, and instead of most of the money sitting & collecting interest for the top 5%, it would be invested on the people for higher education, health care & paying Everyone a Livable Wage!! Equality happens from laws that advocate Equality. Laws do not take away Freedom as long as the right one's are made. Actually, they can increase your freedom! Every country should strive for EQUALITY!

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