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Kimo, lahian

Must say Thank you again to the man who sends these out, it has been a priceless service for a long time. The wisdom of the quotes is eternal. They feed the soul and mind. Surely he must be a good man, any man who cares enough to take the time to educate others, is OK in my book.

Kimo, lahian

Waffer, are you on the obama staff?

Kimo, Lahian

Which idiot Reston lol.. anyway, that's one thing about free speech, it cause at times great thought.I can disagree with anyone, who does not see, what they man who wrote this intended. This ,man has BEEN OPPRESSED. There is a difference, one post, i see this man is a coward. By, ill keep it top a minimum, just my opinion of a post, of someone, i could not count on, if the chips are down. But, I have many friends, and am safe where I am. This man who posts derogatory to this quote, obviously, will go to the slaughter, with a whimper. Many of us, will stand as men. God bless all.And, under the constitution. Any man who is not in fear, of the current world situation, is not educated. And if he IS informed, he would be a liar if he said he were not afraid, or a fool.

kimo, lahian

Defence, not offence, the motto of modern America. Standing and ready. To stop tyranny. The disarmament of America, will not occur, The majority are aware, and WILL not give up that right.

Kimo, Lahian

Dam you have done it aagin, OUTSTANDING quote!! YOU sir are a freeman, you sir have the light of freedom in your heart and mind.

Kimo, Lahian

We dont need no badges, we ARE Patriots, and we will protect our land in the end, or sooner, should the opportunity present itself. For the time being, the true American Patriot waits, listens, watches. In the year 2010, the month of November

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