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Liecatcher, Mississippi

Steve, Mpls: Am compelled to respond to your HATEFUL statement -- which, of course, is also a carpet of lies intended to incite and confuse. Let's review what you wrote. First, you say that Uncle Tom Sewerl is high on the president's 'hit list'. Why? I'm willing to bet that Sewer's not even a microscopic speck of sand on the president's beaches of thought. You say that President Obama is a "thug," and that "pelosi and Reid" are his "cronies" and will be targeting Sewell with "their 'fairness Doctrine'". Next you invoke "Orwellian nightmares" and refer to the president as a "hack corrupt Chicago politician" who might somehow "steal" the election "with his lapdog accomplices in the media". All you do in your diatribe is call people names and shout BE AFRAID!. Why don't you SPECIFICALLY reveal exactly what the president has done that you disapprove of? Please spell out exactly what makes him a "thug" in your mind. What specific act of thuggery has he committed. What EVIDENCE points to him 'stealing' the election? Who are "his lapdog accomplices in the media"? Fox News? CNN? ABC Radio? KFI? Bloomberg? Limbaugh? Savage? Stop spewing garbage and say something specific for a change, you racist, lying, hatemonger.

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