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Marauder, Spring TXMarauder, Spring TX
Marauder, Spring TX

Waffler, as a point of fact & under Authority of the Constitution, The Militia Officers are to be appointed by the governor's of Their respective States, & also under the control of the Governor. What has become the National Guard was orinally the state militia elements untill WW2. Several States still have Official State Militia's. Texas is one of them and I am proud to say I served 5 years with the Organization and left after I finished Hurricane Katrina duty, operating evacuation shelters. Furthermore, the age of the Federal Militia's is 50 years of age, not 45, though I feel it should be as long as you can fight or defend.

Marauder, Spring TX

The Revolution is under attack from those who would place us back in Tyranny. They are counter-revolutionary in Nature and will bring back the same Yokes, that were used to bind Us, under the King.

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