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Marv Graham, West ColumbiaMarv Graham, West Columbia
Marv Graham, West Columbia

"They" )the banking cartel (better known as the Federal Reserve System [The FED]) is doing the same thing today, most lately in the housing market.

Marv Graham, West Columbia

This condition was not called socialism until after Tocqueville's time. Moreover, America was not a democracy then either. It has only become one following the passage of the 17th amendment and the rise to dominance of poll-driven (federal) government.

Marv Graham, West Columbia

The real shame is that they no longer teach ths in the government skools {read brainwashing centers}. This fact may explain the reason for the comment by Anon. We are a society that has been INTENTIONALLY DUMBED DOWN. See 'the intentional dumbing down of america' by Charlotte Iserbyt

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