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Matt, Danville, CaMatt, Danville, Ca
Matt, Danville, Ca

There is still hope to turn around the criminal government using the constitution. Us the people to pull together and vote wisely! Start by voting out all incumbent politicians. Most of the politicians first go into office with good intentions but are soon influenced by the same old do nothing political leaders. At the end of your term your gone, watch the system flush it self out. Second, vote for campaign reform. Lets face it how can you go into office and work for the people when you're in debt to those special interest groups that contributed to your election. This would be a nice start in the right direction.

Matt, Danville, Ca

He who stated that Fox news is one sided is so wrong. Its one of the only fair and balanced news agency left. Every issue is debated from a representative from both political parties and let's you make your own decision.Watch Kelly & Bob in the morning. Of course they have room for improvement but the other 75% of the news agencies in the US with their clear Liberal view is so obvious that I can bearly stand it! We all know that the Liberals control the media and they use this as a conduit to promote their values and agenda. It's unfortunate that so many have to drink this kool aid and aren't able to see the real story. Report the story and don't convolute our decision making process. Expose all political corruption not just the party you appose. Let me leave you with one more qoute. " A People that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both."

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