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Mel, Spokane, WAMel, Spokane, WA
Mel, Spokane, WA

I have just come upon this website while looking up Franklin's quote. I am now in my 50's and I'll admit that I have gone through the entire gambit of feelings towards our government during my lifetime. Slowly I have been drawn into the abyss of negativity that people my age and older, get drawn into so often. I have even considered leaving the US in favor of other countries because of it. Many other people have and I can understand very well why. Our republic has seen glory and embarrassment, defeats and triumphs, misery and happiness, oppression and privilege. We have been attacked and also been the aggressor, and depending upon your perspective, we have been either right or wrong in both instances. And to some degree, we have been both. But one thing has remained a constant through out it all: Our people are resilient and unite when required. We are intelligent and it's that intelligence that moves us to act when the pendulum swings too far in one direction or another. I believe that the pendulum has swung too far. I also believe there is a simple answer to that problem. I believe that the root to most of this turmoil and frustration we are feeling is embodied in our congress. I also believe that the press has hardened us to the intricacies and subtleties of politics. Now I don't care if you're Republican or Democrat, Chinese, English, white collar or blue collar, Black, white, orange, green or something in between, we all feel, to a greater or lesser extent, that congress has failed us, the people. It appears that what is really happening, from our perspective as a people, is that we have gridlock, indecision and partisan politics ruling and there is no leadership willing to step forward to contain it and turn the mess into something productive and constructive. Let's face it: If you're a politician, you have an agenda. Believe it or not, we are standing at the forefront of a historic event. Our people are resilient and unite when required. We are intelligent and it's that intelligence that moves us to act when the pendulum swings too far... We need to unite yet again, in the name of our republic, IF when can keep it. Our congress is taking our republic from us (republicans and democrats) and that's what is really disturbing to all of us. We see it happening before our very eyes, yet our politicians fail to see the tress for the forest. Each and every one of them are polarized on their agenda to the extent that it is creating problems for the people, and that's where we need to draw the line. Right now we don't need more gridlock, we need leadership to come to the front and find common ground. We need leadership to step up and sacrifice agendas for the good of all. We need someone to build on the consensus once it's found. We desperately need congress to do what they are supposed to do: find area's of agreement and begin to compromise for the good of the people. Instead, we find ourselves watching endless bickering and seeing animosity thick enough to cut with a knife. If they don't begin to act their age, then we will, for I believe our people are resilient and unite when required. We are intelligent, when our representatives aren't and it's that intelligence that moves us to act when the pendulum swings too far. The pendulum has swung too far. In November, we can unite and do something about it. We can send a clear, concise message to our representatives: If you fail to make the system work, you will be replaced. Nothing like a little job instability to provide motivation. Now I also propose some common ground to all of you: weather we like, dislike or are indifferent about our health care bill, WE have it. But our representative s DON'T. For those of you that don't know it, congress has their own health care, the best there is to offer, and it's free to THEM, but it costs US. WE, the people, pay for them to have separate and distinct care. Seems that our health care isn't good enough for them. I wonder what they would think about it if they were being administered the same care under the same bill? I don't see anything in the constitution that says "all men were created equal EXCEPT those in congress when it comes to health care". That appears to be a conflict of interest to me, one that needs to be corrected. How can congress tell us what's best for us, but then separate themselves and their families from what's best? We need to unite and make this a central issue in the November election. I normally don't support being a "single issue voter". but we need to break things down to the most basic common denominator here. We, the people, need to elect representatives that agree to support the elimination of their health care and sign a contract pledging to bring the issue in front of congress in the January session and eliminate their favorable health care. I truly don't know if I am in support of the health care bill or not. But, if my representative has the same one, I'll know if they REALLY support it or not. Can we agree on this?

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