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Michael Murray, NMMichael Murray, NM
Michael Murray, NM

Ted is correct. As Col Dave Grossman says, the world is made up of wolves, sheep, and sheepdogs. I prefer to continue to be a sheepdog. If Mr. Anonymous prefers to be a sheep, fine. I choose not to be.

Michael Murray, NM

The world would be a safer place with no guns.
SAFER FOR YOUNG STRONG MALES, just as it was for thousands of years before modern firearms were invented.
Rationalize that!

Michael Murray, NM

The unwillingness to meet danger in person is part of our problem as a nation. People have come to believe the responsibility for personal security should be delegated to others. On a larger scale, it is easy to send others off to war if you have never worn the uniform. In 1787 each man (and sometimes woman) WAS at the front line. Did you ever hear of the 19th of April 1775?

Michael Murray, NM

Collectivism is based on the idea that WE have the right to take from YOU. Criminals, raiders, and conquerors have used the same methods for centuries. Might equals right.

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