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E Archer, couldn't agree more, couldn't have said it better! The problem is that too many young people are not learning what makes America so different as a nation. Why is our standard of living so much higher than most other nations? Why is there so much more wealth? Why is this one of the few countries a poor child from a tough background can grow up to be wealthy and/or a prominent politician - Bill Gates, Obama, John Boehner, Marco Rubio? Why are we the most generous nation - whenever and wherever there is a need, we are the first ones there. We are not teaching the next generation of leaders that the only way America can continue to provide opportunity, charity, and wealth production is to simply allow risk-takers, innovators, and hard-workers to do there thing - just get out of their way and allow them to produce products, jobs, and wealth for ALL around them! So many benefit from these innovators - they create MORE and higher tax payers! Do not demonize and punish them. Do not teach the public to envy and hate them. And, lastly, for the scum on Wall Street who took TARP funds to bail them out for the horrible decisions THEY made, I see them as no better than welfare recipients who "play" the system - just on a much larger scale! People should suffer the consequences of their actions - whether that is bankruptcy or (IMO) jail for defrauding the public. "With great power comes great responsibility." This country will fail if our leaders and decision-makers do not have high morals and solid ethics.

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