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Nancy, OhioNancy, Ohio
Nancy, Ohio

The US Constitution means nothing to our leaders in Washington in 2009. The Constitution has been steadily eroded by our leaders for a good many years. It seems to have taken the blatancy of an all out assault by the Obama administration to finally wake many of us up.

Nancy, Ohio

Yes, the memory of freedom has lost in our complacency; witness the evidence today in 2009. It appears that so many wish to have the federal government care for them that they fail to see that personal liberty will be the price they pay. This blatant attack on personal liberty and on the US Constitution, fortunately, seems to have awakened much of the American citizenry. Hallelujah and thank God! I hope it's not too late.

Nancy, Ohio

Obama carried his reputation right into the presidency and it appears that most were too blind to see, and they continue to be so as he carries us rapidly into destruction.

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