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QAMan, CanadaQAMan, Canada

Great idea, could it be so simple? Let's level the playing field and allow those that can and should be leading as those that we can freely choose. No, we are given a list of knaves, beggars and thieves and are told that democracy is being carried forward. I spoil my ballot at every opportunity. There in the polls I am listed as a voter; but I will not vote.

QAMan, Canada

As a Canadian I can safely say that we are a nation designed for a majority rule. When this occurs, as too often is the case, true Democracy is annihilated and will not resurrected until the next election; but will only exist in the form of the casting of ballots. When the majority rules we become a fascist state, subjected to the whims of the holders of the majority. Only recently have the citizens of this country figured out that the best form of government under our current system is a Conservative government in a minority position. That means that they hold less than the sum of the balance of seats held by the other parties. The ideas and policies of the Conservatives (which are conservative only in name) are brought forward, but are modified to represent the needs of the people voiced through the representatives holding the balance of votes in the house. The holders of the balance MUST do this because their seats in Parliament are now truly depend on the people they represent. Rather than allowing pure corporate or socialist plunder we get workable (translate: real world not party politic) solutions. Which seems to be working out rather well. It's Rights of Recall that evolved into being; I can only assume because the system was so out of balance - it had to happen. It's not perfect and very tenuous - on the other hand isn't that the way the Republic was designed to exist?

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