Mikhail A. BakuninMikhail A. Bakunin, (1814-1876) Russian revolutionary anarchist, founder of collectivist anarchism

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“Intellectual slavery, of whatever nature it may be, will always have as a natural result both political and social slavery.”

Mikhail A. BakuninMikhail A. Bakunin
~ Mikhail A. Bakunin

Federalism, Socialism and Anti-Theologism, 1868

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Anon    7/14/10

Which should be taught in every school from kindergarten to college.

kimo, lahaina

And thus we are in slavery, the current governmnet is socialist, but, those of us who wont buy into it are many, we outnumber them 100000 to 1, on all fronts. To leave the comfort of the shell one has built around ones self is hard, but nessesary , to be free. These quotes we get daily are fabulous, a true insight to the past and future.

Mike, Norwalk

We hold this truth to be self evident.

J Carlton, Calgary

Socialist Public Education has fostered the general dumbing down and loss of intellect among the past several generations. But there is also a general awakening to the evils of "progressive Government. Take out the trash in November.

jim k, Austin,Tx

Public Education is a contradiction in terms. Remedial reading classes for college students proves this.

Carol, Georgia

Another good example is the insistence by Al Gore and others that climate change is something humans can change. True, we must do what we can to reduce pollution and be good stewards of the world in which we live. But to redistribute this nations wealth to other nations in the name of climate change and punish the citizens of America by artificially making energy prices skyrocket is a self serving tool to line their own pockets. It has been proven some scientists manipulated data to support their theory, which in essence renders the entire theory utterly worthless. The danger is that many will continue to press ahead with this insanity. This self imposed intellectual slavery has already caused political slavery with social slavery not far behind if the powers that be have their way.

aa, hb
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aa, hb    7/14/10

You guys are awsome today! We must share this quote!

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    Ron    7/14/10

    Mr Bakunin, Born in Russia of nobility, imprisoned for speaking out against his government. Anachist in his movement of labor and the common man through and by democratic communism. A liberty with out moral restraining. Better yet republicanism born out of the wisdom of just and unjust man with out respect of persons. With it's roots of knowledge born out of the very heavens themselves. Hence natures God. His knowledge of the three levels of understanding upon the line. Knowing which type should rule and be appointed to power. This republic also allows for the divinely inspired keeper of knowledge to rule. Plato was a wise man born in dew season. The pilot of the ship must have sure knowledge based upon the very heavens themselves. These degrees of knowledge are drawn out from different types of people not currently sought out for in council, in our time of need. I myself will live and die for the republic of God. Communism in revolt seems to some in our nation appealing because of the fight of the labor party or the mass to bring equality to the poor and needy working class , but the end is tyraney or dictatorship weather seen or unseen. Be not decieved of the fight, know which side your are on.

    Justin, Elkland

    Especially true for self-imposed intellectual slavery.

    Winstin Smith--Orwell's friend, Everywhere USA

    When our Marxist misleaders take everything without paying dollars of money to anyone, a slave state exists. In spite of reports that our misleaders spend "trillions" of dollars, no one in 30 years of my offering 100 pounds of money to each person who just describes the money that our misleaders spend, has ever accepted my offer! WHY should our misleaders spend money when all of us will risk our lives and even die for strips of paper that have not even promised payment for 46 years? :None are so hopelessly enslaved as tose who falsely believe that they are free."--von Goethe

    E Archer, NYC

    The nature of intellectual slavery is an unwillingness to see the truth and do what needs to be done. To ignore that which cannot be ignored without consequence is the root of all slavery. Some say this quote should be taught in school -- I say the schools are the culprits of intellectual slavery -- the very purpose of public schooling is to condition the people to obey the rules and don't rock the boat. The schools breed ignorance by the limits imposed upon the curriculum. Those that rebel are relegated to 'troubled youth' and are processed accordingly. Those that memorize and parrot back the party line without variation are sought for 'higher' education. As long as you are obedient and unquestioning, you will make it in this world -- the rest will have to watch their step.


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