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RBESRQ1, SarasotaRBESRQ1, Sarasota
RBESRQ1, Sarasota

Hence US at war since 1941  tyranny 101

RBESRQ1, Sarasota

Wow! 2006
There is no left or right when it comes to corruption. This government, like so many others, has fallen for the brown-bag syndrome. There is no correcting a fallen enemy other than putting it out of its misery. I see no silver lining unless we have total war on the parasitical class. C-19 is a total hoax invented for global dominance — the great hoax ever perpetrated on the haman race. And now they want to keep the money train going with perpetual booster shot for which have no intent of ever stopping.  Orwell must be turning in his grave knowing that 1984 came true and beyond. Technology was meant to give humans freedom to create, instead it has given us a perpetual nightmare. John Conner, we need you back urgently.

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