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Rebecca, Fergus, OntRebecca, Fergus, Ont
Rebecca, Fergus, Ont

Actually, what Benson means that if Americans turn thier backs on GOD and HIS commandments as given in Holy Scripture, then they will subject themselves to all the calamities of the last days fortold in the Bible. I have listened to ALL of Bensons talks and speaches given. The writers of the American Constitution spoke of one country "UNDER GOD"... and on American currency has printed "In GOD we Trust".. If Americans turn thier backs on God by supporting policies Against God's commands such as abortion, sex outside of marriage, not honoring the Sabbath Day etc.. then they justly loose the protection granted to them by God. For further reference on this truth refer to the Book Of Mormon, it is a book that Benson spent his whole life studying and teaching and testifying of... Benson was truely a patriotic American and I know of no man who has loved America more...Amen!

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