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Samuel, Adams

Delete this or explain it. It merely infers that the President deceived the US citizenry by GOING to war against Hussein. Correct me if I'm wrong, but we weren't headed to Hussein in the beginning. Had it not been for his own actions, we never would have.

Samuel, Adams

Anyone who cannot see both the relevance and importance of this quote will be partially responsible for the downfall of all of us; regardless of your "party." Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Today, the world wants you to think we somehow have eliminated greed, intolerance, sloth, and the other deadly sins- that we have, or can, rise above human nature to be more "tolerant" and "understanding." Human nature is human nature, however, and it is the slippery slope. There are things that will never change because they are the very things that make us human. To think that your "party" is any better than the other- especially when you view the overall end impact of it's administration- is to be completely ignorant of the facts and history. Deficit. Bloated social budget. Ill-considered international aid. Failure to make REAL changes rather than pure speculative window dressing for the sake of the environment. These are just a few examples. Wake up and take control back from those who HAVE entered the gates- those who have conditioned you to think in ways that make no logical or common sense. Wake the hell up.

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