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scoot4par, ruston

Unfortunately AJ, Bill is giving a lecture on Truth and Tyranny not taking credit for taxes paid and people employed by the private sector. I am sure has a quote on that one as well.

scoot4par, ruston

and he who is honest cannot help but offend. ergo I must be a very honest person because I am very offensive.

scoot4par, Ruston

Too often the "think and reexamine" quotes become arguments to "show how smart and thoughtful you are by agreeing with me"

Scoot4par, Ruston

pithy quote on the obvious.... anyplace where they mete out power and money by an unrestricted majority vote will attract all sorts of homesteaders

Scoot4par, Ruston

"in" politics or "through" politics is becoming the only way to get rich... and yes it is crooked

Scoot4par, Ruston

Not much about liberty and given the speaker I know why. An argument between the executive and legislative about who gets to exercise governmental power as it pertains to foreign policy doesn't give much insight into liberty...

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