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Simcah, Papillion, NESimcah, Papillion, NE
Simcah, Papillion, NE

Archer, Who has been running the country for the last 12 years or more....Republicans. They bankrupted the country by refusing to tax the wealthy and big corporations...passing laws instead to suit the lobbyists for them. Then they went on a spending spree. I don't know if you understand economics, but when your income is cut off and you spend money like it's water, well, you end up in debt! But they weren't satified with using up all our tax dollars on an unjust and illegal war....they made the laws to favor big business and so now millions of American are not only out of work but bankrupt as well. Stop pouring money into Iraq, stop building a MIC that only has a goal of getting us into more wars and spending MORE of our tax dollars so they and their subsidiaries get richer and take the tax windfall that will come for fair and just taxation of the slackers at the top and use it to improve health, education and the general welfare of those whose taxes have literally done them no good when Republicans run the show! Now there's change I can believe in!

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