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Simcha, Papillion, NESimcha, Papillion, NE
Simcha, Papillion, NE

And as for "Handouts", consider this.....stop Income Tax now. Even those at the bottom, most of whom are working poor, would do better if they weren't paying Income tax. It seems the only Welfare the Government is concerned about is the welfare of the Rich. Income tax is illegal and was never designed to be tax on wages but on the earned income made by investors. Funny how things get turned around. The government allows business to destroy their employees but those same employees pay the taxes that subsidize the businesses who don't really need a "handout". Handout....Reagan's characterization of the "Welfare Queen" was designed to keep people believing their taxes were being misspent on the poor, when in reality our tax dollars have been truly misspent to support wealthy recipients who are the Kings and Queens of the land, independently wealthy but still demanding their pound of flesh.

Simcha, Papillion, NE

Reagan didn't support welfare but he did support the military. All and I'll say it again ALL Government programs are supported by our tax dollars. When the wealthy don't pay their fair share, then the rest of us lose out. We need to reinvest out tax money in programs that help everyone because we all have a right to the basic necessities of life. And what we have now is Welfare for the Rich and Subsidies for Corporations making profits hand over fist while they have been given tax loop-holes by a Republican administration and a complicit Republican Congress. Certain things are considered acceptable to Republicans as far as how OUR tax dollars our spent and all of them have to do with the supporting the MIC and all it's subsidiaries, tax breaks for the wealthy and subsidizing Corporations who do not need it, while those same Corporations cut health care, benefits, hours and even jobs of honest hardworking Americans who don't know where their tax dollars are really going. Reagan was nothing but a puppet, whose strings were pulled by the wealthy and their businesses. He was not great man, he hurt this country and we are suffering from his complicity in the smack down of the ordinary man AND programs that would help him get back on his feet. Reagan was great? Reagan did not end the Cold War, he just shouted in the face of a wall that he knew was already crumbling. And his actions were the beginning of a Republican era that is causing America to crumble as well. In a global economy, Americans do not need to work to make the rich man richer.....he has an endless supply of slaves to build what he needs and he can walk away just as Ford did recently....as they are all doing in bigger and bigger ways....closing American plants and opening new ones in countries where employees will work for pennies, increasing their profits exponentially. It is time for change and it is time to stop treating Corporations like they are citizens (very privileged citizens). It's time to end the Reagan era with an era that promotes the general welfare of ALL American citizens. As a tax-payer I'm tired of my money going to subsidize business that are abandoning us and watching the country fall apart from the inside out. We would all have to pay fewer taxes if the "big boys" just paid their fair share!

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