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Sophia Newsome, LondonSophia Newsome, London
Sophia Newsome, London

When research educates us as to the intention of the men who set up the insidious system - a system that Linden became aware of and exposed, (to his cost) where by as in the 1892 and also in the 1934 Manifesto it is quite clear that the aim of the bankers is to create bankruptcy throughout the the public domain! The family lines continue to own and run the banks. As each individual awakens to this diabolical lie that has been and still is being fed them about "owing a debt" - when in actual fact there is no debt - because there is no loss to the bank - (the fiat, paper funny money has been just printed with no connection to value ie gold or metal). When enough people wake up and start to educate them selves of this fact they will take the relevant action that IS there for them to take. It is the fear in folk, to get in touch with their true feelings, anger as to how they have, we all have been duped, that will cause each person to have the courage to take the appropriate action. Until each person does they will continue to be a victim and live their lives accordingly. However, when they do open their eyes, educate themselves, face those uncomfortable feelings of anger, or more to the point rage, acknowledge that it has been their own lethargy and thus lack of making the time to get educated and the accompanying unconscious feelings of shame that lack of courage to take action brings, will they truly be on the courageous road of truth, honesty and justice! Only then will they know what it is to take back their power!

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