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Vedapushpa, Bangalore- IndiaVedapushpa, Bangalore- India
Vedapushpa, Bangalore- India

A real good challenge to all Isms and the liberal/demo --conservative/Repubic political jargon. All that matters is whether one is genuinely civic or uncivic. That makes it easy both for the public and the government.

Vedapushpa, Bangalore- India

That is the Real Truth. It should be able to shine by itself - irrespective of the 'recognized' status of the source - Text or Person.

Vedapushpa, Bangalore- India

This is very true - psychological freedom is to 'feel one's indenpendent being' and the physical freedom is 'to be independent of others - not phsically mortgaged to anyone for anything'....are indeed the sum and substance of 'fundmenatal hman right' - Ayn Rand's intellectual intent is perhaps most assertively stated here.

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