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Warren Giese, Olathe KSWarren Giese, Olathe KS
Warren Giese, Olathe ks

Many of the 2500 so called scientists are suing the propagandists for putting them on the list with out their permission. I doubt that all the rest of the people on that list even know they are on it let alone have the financial means to force the removal of their names. It is amazing that so many can be sucked into something like "man made" global warming with out one viable piece of evidence to support such an outlandish claim. Then to add insult to our intelligence we are supposed to disregard those scientists that are actually working in that field who maintain that it is nothing but hype. For years I would listen with interest to theories of global cooling, global warming, ozone holes, Jets damaging ozone, coffee bad, coffee good, and on and on. The only thing I have learned for sure is that any "scientific discovery" almost always turns out to be wrong. The worst is when a bunch of leftists hijack some piece of junk science like global warming and turn it into a political cause. The object is always the same ONE WOLD GOVERMENT with them in charge of course. Think about what kind of tyranny would inevitably result in that and how helpless we would be to stop it once it was in place.

Warren Giese, Olathe KS

This site used to be filled with thoughtful intelligent comments with only a spatter of idiots. It is changing fast unfortunately. Only a couple of weeks ago I felt that this site was one of the few places that reason could be found. I fear that it is heading towards kooksvile.

Warren Giese, Olathe ks

What a bunch of fools. You think that Government intrusion is bad because of George Bush? I wish you had a chance to live under the rule of the people you clearly support with out any temperance from leaders like George Bush. Of course that would be a disaster for this country. Hopefully you will find another country to move to that is more to your liking. It never fails when I see Bush haters that they never say anything remotely accurate about Bush but say volumes about their own stupidity.

warren giese, olathe ks

Gee Mike you said the same thing as Horatio but he said it in one sentence!

warren giese, olathe ks

Seems that some did not get the quote right. It was about balance. Our biggest tyrant is the Supreme Court. They are like royalty. They answer to no one. Then comes the legislature. The congress can hide in their numbers when they legislate their tyranny. But the presedent can't do that. He just gets to take the blame for every thing that any one does not like. We get to see every thing he does while often he is not in a position to disclose all the reasons for his actions because it would jepordize delicate situations. This is always the case when War is present. But now when we are surrounded by a press, pollticians, and some americans that see a loss for America as a good thing for the Democrat party's future we see an ll out war against American success in the field of battle. The founding fathers would say that we have come to disregard all their efforts to give us this great country. I am ashamed of the Americans that put thier politics above the wellfare of this country. I do not believe that if Gore was president that he would have done any different than Bush, perhaps with less competence, but the republicans would have done every thing along with the Dems to secure victory. Unfortunately in our country today when a Republican is in the Oval office we will see the country destroyed rather than give him credit for any thing.

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