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d daxx, novi, michigand daxx, novi, michigan
d daxx, novi, michigan

The Founding Fathers never, fully, anticipated just how surrepticious man can be. They warned us about "mischievous and perhaps evil men" and also about "encroachments" by politicians, but they still never provided for the proper restraints in the so-called limited and restricted Constitution!

d daxx, novi, michigan

Robert and Anonymous do not appear to have the least idea why the Second Amendment was insisted upon. Government CANNOT be trusted therefore the people MUST have the inalienable Right to Keep and Bear Arms. I wonder just how both of the above non-enlightened persons would handle an oppressive government; about what we have today! My answer to both of them is, "Stay out of my line of fire!"

d daxx, Novi, Michigan

And they, the they that is, ask me why I spend so many hours at the U of Mich law library. And I respond, "Because I realize how little that I know and because all of the books are there at that federal depository! So there!

d daxx, novi, michigan

Unfortunately, George Santayana had predicted the fate of mankind when he stated that unless man learns from the mistakes of the past he is bound to repeat them (mistakes)!, and that is where the masses-r-asses, Americans stand. Take away the weapons of self-defense, from government, initiate the police-state actions of the patriot act and George Orwell times are here!

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