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jitendra, Gurgaon, Indiajitendra, Gurgaon, India
jitendra, Gurgaon, India

So true and so obvious, yet it remains in the realm of wishful thinking. Unlucky mankind! God be merciful and male it a given in every society and every age.

Jitendra, Gurgaon, India

Ignorance and prejudice have been the mark of unenlightened masses and their manipulating political masters in every age and era. Truth is always at a premium and an attractive red rag for the bulls of stupidity and deceit.
No wonder mankind lumbers on under the burden of tyranny.

jitendra, gurgaon, India

Is it implied that the very concept of reward and punishment to promote desired social and moral values is self defeating?

jitendra, Gurgaon, India

True measure of a man's moral strength and spiritual standing is his power to empathise with fellow human being and commitment to truth and dignity above all else. Disagreement with such a thinker in no way detracts from his worth and lofty disposition.

jitendra, gurgaon, india

Loss of gratitude in our times is the mark of a chained mind.

jitendra, Gurgaon, India

Very wise.

Patent recipe for a sound social order.

jitendra, Gurgaon, India

Arguably, he was one of the uncommon breed of men who are known as founding fathers of America. Amazing aristocracy of intellect.

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