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s petersen, springfield, mo

There is a big difference in sales tax verses income tax. Sales tax allows me to see up front what I am going to pay and I do not have my privacy invaded to pay it. It is fair and straight forward and we vote on locally. Although income tax is considered constitutional because it was put in as an amendment it violates the principles established by the Founders. We need to get the federal government out of our daily lives. Let them do what the constitution says they should do and nothing else. We are very capable of handling our issues on a state and local level.

s petersen, springfield, mo

True philanthropy can only be so when it is voluntarily given from private resourses; in other words, true charity. If is comes from taxes, or some other form of forced collection then it is what is referred to as "legal plunder." Regardless of who is doing the forcing whether it is A or B or C or whoever; whether is is voting or action taken by legislators usurping authority they do not have the result is the same. It is stealing. Read Bastiat; he explains it better than anyone I have read. You cannot force me to be charitable. I must choose to be so of my own free will. Otherwise, I have been robbed.

s petersen, springfield, mo

Great quote. Describes just what has been and is happening to us now.

S Petersen, Springfield, MO

Most of you seem to miss the point of the quote. We can debate the cause/purpose of the Civil War all day as well as Lincoln's intent. That is not the significance of the quote. Its point is to show the ideology of those who espouse socialism and communism as the ideal verses those of us who believe in liberty. I believe we do, don't we?

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