Andrei SakharovAndrei Sakharov, (1921-1989) Russian nuclear physicist, Soviet dissident, human rights activist

Andrei Sakharov Quote

“Profound insights arise only in debate, with a possibility of counterargument, only when there is a possibility of expressing not only correct ideas but also dubious ideas.”

Andrei SakharovAndrei Sakharov
~ Andrei Sakharov

Progress, Coexistence and Intellectual Freedom, 1968

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Open, honest and unabashed debate

Ken, Allyn, WA

I rather enjoy it when someone proposes their dubious ideas. It gives me something and someone to ridicule. In fact I consider it a duty of a sensible citizen to ridicule foolish ideas.

E Archer, NYC

A necessary process for getting to the truth.

warren, olathe

Profound insights arise in all kinds of places. Debate is good but it is not where the insights actually happen. It is just where they are tested.


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