Calvin CoolidgeCalvin Coolidge, (1872-1933) 30th US President

Calvin Coolidge Quote

“Unless the people, through unified action, arise and take charge of their government, they will find that their government has taken charge of them. Independence and liberty will be gone, and the general public will find itself in a condition of servitude to an aggregation of organized and selfish interest.”

Calvin CoolidgeCalvin Coolidge
~ Calvin Coolidge

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Mike, Norwalk

Not shooting the messenger, a very accurate observation from a nature's law perspective. "their government"? Can the patrons of the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land call the ruling gods government? (or, is their another word?) Independence, inalienable rights and liberty have passed,  the ant's collective, find themselves in a condition of serfdom and slavery to an aggregation of demonic gods.

J L LaBrack, Dover

"Silent Cal" had a lot to say.  We should listen, now more than ever!


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