Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission Quote

“After listening to the recordings containing the remarks made by on-air personalities on 10 and 27 September and 8 October and reading the stenographic notes, the Commission identified several remarks about the complainant related to her physical attributes, and sexual attributes in particular. There are multiple references to the size of her breasts; [translation] 'her incredible set of boobs' ... The Commission considers that the remarks made about Ms. Chiasson were abusive and tended to expose her, and women in general, to contempt on the basis of sex, in contravention of section 3(b) of the Regulations. Further, the remarks do not meet the objectives of the broadcasting policy for Canada set out in the Act. The remarks did not meet the objective of high standard of programming required by section 3(1)(g) of the Act.”

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Vincent, Montreal

I'm a Quebecer and this quote is related to a case in Quebec city involving a very popular radio host (more than 60% of the market !! ) He lost his case and ought to pay 300 000$ to that bitch with the big boobs. Isn't that a crazy system ???


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