Carl Gustav JungCarl Gustav Jung, (1875-1961) Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology

Carl Gustav Jung Quote

“Sentimentality is a superstructure covering brutality.”

Carl Gustav JungCarl Gustav Jung
~ Carl Gustav Jung

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Mike, Pleasant Hill

I think Carl needs a hug.

Ronw13, Oregon

"Stage acts of the State" the under belly of socialism. Putting into context Carl Jung's statement, worship of the state likened unto Threskeia religious practice. The "state" a quasi-animate personality "is only camouflage for those individuals who know how to manipulate it". 
An agent for the OSS through Allen Dulles provided great information on the mentality of Hitler, the man who could not be spoken to for he was never in his right mind. 

E Archer, NYC

It certainly can be ... but not necessarily always.


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