Orson Scott CardOrson Scott Card, (1951- ) American novelist, critic, public speaker, essayist, columnist

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“If pigs could vote, the man with the slop bucket would be elected swineherd every time, no matter how much slaughtering he did on the side.”

Orson Scott CardOrson Scott Card
~ Orson Scott Card

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Johnson, Gainesville, FL

A perfect description of both the government, and most of the electorate.

Mike, Norwalk

accurately picturesque

cal, lewisville, tx

Like I'll feed you now-so you can feed me later.

J Carlton, Calgary

And that's how Obama got elected...by the 30-40% welfare crowd. Next election vote out every incumbent.


A MORE APT DESCRIPTION OF THE MAJORITY OF THE AMERICAN VOTER HAS NEVER BEEN DEPICTED! The biggest disgrace is that the majority of eligible voters don't leaving the Pigs wallowing at the trough.

David Ben-Ariel, Toledo, Ohio

Sounds like the former creeping Communism and the present steamrolling Socialism in the United States, especially under the president usurper, the fraud and foreigner, Obama/Soetoro/Obama! www.davidbenariel.org

Mother of active duty service member, Columbia, Maryland

Sounds like Cheney feeding the rich,himself included, and sending our brave young men and women to be slaughtered.(as well as the innocent Iraqi and Afghani citizens)

Waffler, Smith

If you vote, I understand that you are suppose to vote your self interest. Hopefully you vote your self interest in the long run not the short run. Of course short run decisions have been made throughout history, just look at the disasters we made of the Everglades, water pollution, rape of the land etcetera, all for short run go-go issues. The thoughtful long run guys need more support guys like Al Gore. Check out Repower America for how you can vote and support your long run interests.

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

The only explaination as to why an incompetant such as GHWBush would/could get elected by a supposedly well educated electorate... pandering!

jim k, austin

Waff, Al Gore is raking in millions from this scam known as global warming. Reston, how about the election of The Messiah, The One, Healer of all Ills, The Hope and Change Man. Simpletons like you elected Obama.

J Carlton, Calgary

Waffler, Al Gore is one of the "propoganda opportunists" that are working for globalism. His whole "schtick" is based on junk science and fear mongering.

E Archer, NYC

This illustrates the fundamental flaw of so-called 'democracy' and the reason for which a republican form of government is needed to check the passions of the majority in order to protect the rights of the individual. Some of us have not yet descended to the fate of pigs on a farm, some of us have not been conditioned to think like beasts of burden or domesticated animals, but the masses act like pigs almost all the time.

A.WOODS, Gloucester

J Carlton, that would be a good start but we need to go further. No more incumbents. At the end of their first and only term thank them for their service and show them the door. Personally, I say anyone who actually desires public office under our system of government should be immediately disqualified as psychologically unfit and a hazard to society. They need help, not authority.

TV, Albuquerque

If Cheney (swineherd) is feeding the rich (swine) how is he implied in this quote? The rich can't elect anyone because there aren't enough of them (and under the current administration, there are fewer every day). The swine are the average people who do the voting. The purpose of every politician is to make you think that he's out for you while he satisfies the goals of the elite that he is really working for. Our job is to hold the SOBs accountable.

Leah Hayward, Far Rockaway

Anyone know the source for this quote? I.E.- where did he say this?


Wow. Now I see where this is going. VERY clever - IF ... there were any connection. Never mind, the piggies love it.

Mike, Pleasant Hill

Unflattering truth of human nature.

Mary - MI

Great quote. It truly applies to all those who Live in the "Fog of the Unknown" and who would sell their Unalienable Rights for whatever shiny object pleases their eye.

'Piggies" like the pathetic lower case anonymous truly fit the bill.

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, your comment; "If you vote, I understand that you are suppose to vote your self interest." is a democracy's or other lawless pig's mantra (not the de jure or lawful States united). In a free representative republic of individual sovereigns with inalienable rights (person(s) - individual and united), vote to select either the representative or a specific application of inalienable rights protection / enhancement (not for personal gluttony or to spiritual, fiscal, mental, lawful, moral, etc. destruction)

Ronw13, Yachats Or

It is good to see so many upper case Anonymous, with ears to listen. Trying words like a tasty piece of meat. If the swineherd fall in the pin, the pigs will eat that person to. The lessons learned, the story told of catching wild pigs with pieces of corn laid beside one log at a time. The pushy pigs get eaten first. Lower case anonymous, the connection was just made !


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