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“Arbitrary power has seldom... been introduced in any country at once. It must be introduced by slow degrees, and as it were step by step.”

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Mike, Norwalk

Absolutely, welcome to Amerika ! ! ! Compelled compliance, license, victimless crimes, larceny with impunity, rights usurpation, non-acceptance of perfected allodium, etc., etc., etc. are all tyranny's execution by a slippery slope until arbitrary power is a totalitarian absolute.

Carl Hudson, Sherwood

It aligns aligns perfectly with Obama's. He creates the problems associated with the USA, blames it on someone other than himself, complains to the world just how aloof this country is to the world problems, and then states it will take years to solve the problems as he jumps into his Rolls Royce (Air Force One) to spend another Christmas in Hawaii. What a guy, our leader is. We are on his mind both day and night hoping our love for him has grown more and more. Oh Yaaaaa! Carl

bruski, Naples

Started with the income tax and the central bank.

100 years later we have "central planning" and a government out of control.

Semper Fi.


Mike, Pleasant Hill

Ditto what Mike and Carl said.

Jim k, Austin

Just like in the USA.

E Archer, NYC

Whoever controls the culture and popular opinion can condition any of us to accept our 'place' as permanent wards of the state.

Mary, MI
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Mary, MI    4/15/20

This does not hold true with our "Simon Legree" Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer!


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