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“The Liberal Democrat remain steadfast in their belief that liberty must not be sacrificed on the altar of security and regrets the climate of fear that has been fostered by the approach of both Labour and the Conservatives to issues of domestic and international security. We believe that liberty, justice and the separation of powers are essential to achieving lasting security and that abandoning liberties, particularly in the face of unconventional threats from criminals and terrorists, will only serve to make Britain both less free and less secure.”

~ Robin Lawrence

Liberal Democrat Conference, Sep. 13, 2008

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J Carlton, Calgary

If for some reason, you don't buy into the fear mongering brain might notice the only thing getting more secure is the government's stranglehold on our liberties.

Mike, Norwalk

It doesn't matter who said it, its true, there and here.

E Archer, NYC

From what I can gather from this quote, the 'Liberal Democrat' in the UK is the equivalent of the Libertarian in the US. Too bad the liberal Democrats in the US do not agree...

Mike, Norwalk

Well said Archer. The liberal Democrats in Amerika do not want liberty and in most of their doings, security is also threatened or done away with. Social Security alone (a ponzi scheme that at its very core destroys family and prosperity) demonstrates the lack of security.


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