Thomas PaineThomas Paine, (1737-1809) US Founding father, pamphleteer, author

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“Character is much easier kept than recovered.”

Thomas PaineThomas Paine
~ Thomas Paine

The American Crisis, no. 13; 1783

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Walt, Canton, OH

He died hated by those without character, because he had character. The religious zealotry that motivated his vilification is alive and some of its proponents are over at the quote beginning "All national institutions of churches...." waving their MY WAY IS THE RIGHT WAY flags. A foot note Paine might have added to this is "question authority" (Buddha), "performance under adversity reveals charater" (Me), "be impeccable" ( Don Juan and Don Miquel), and just for cute this one from the father of the CONS (which Paine wouldn't f.n.) "you can tell alot about a fellow's character by his way of eating jelly beans" (Reagan).

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glenda    2/17/10

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