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Anonymous, Atlanta, GA

I think it's hysterical that Obama likens himself to Lincoln....and I also think that all you have to do is look around to see that the black man has used the opportunity to scream racism at every turn to get where he is. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with their intelligence or their ability...it's about using whatever slimy tactics they can to get what they want and in the meantime, we're getting screwed and not getting kissed!! I remember when segregation of schools began. I was in the 7th grade and our schools had to back up to years because the blacks started screaming that we were too advanced, purposely making it difficult for them to comprehend...yeah, well what about you are as Lincoln said, dumber.

Anonymous, Atlanta, GA

Not every quote needs to be "inspiring" - I think it's humorous which is almost as important.

Anonymous, Atlanta, GA

The US set up the UN as a place to vent world grievances and solve global problems. We need a system such as this in the world today. The misguided souls who refuse to see the wisdom of this body, imperfect as it is, will doom us to repeat WWI and WWII.

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