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Anonymous, Durham

This adage or whatever it is may have been true in the days of actual bondage where people were actual slaves or worked off their bondage for no wages and meager subsistance, but today there is no reason for anyone to claim bondage unless it is of their own making. Being a "wage slave" is not bondage. There is no one making anyone work for a living. The government is only too willing to take you under its wing and support you if only you would cast your vote on their behalf. I'm sick and tired of hearing black panthers comlain and carp about how bad the black people in this country have it. It's all a sick joke and we working people are the butt of that joke.

Anonymous, Durham

It is completely accurate. Much of today's society would rather live shackled to the velvet chains of government "stewardship" than be free to make their own choices and to live their own individual lives. People today are too easily satisfied with the way things appear rather than deal with the harsh realities of life. It is much easier to claim "victimhood" and demand "benefits" than work and strive for a better life.

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