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Elaine, OakwoodElaine, Oakwood
Elaine, Oakwood

I not only like Cheney but I respect him & I think he respects the American people that use their brains & do not try to depend on the government to support them.

Elaine, Oakwood

A lot of truth in that statement, but we cannot do it and call our country a Democracy, nor can we have freedom in that kind of voting. Had only good knowledgeable people voted the last go round we may have been better off but if you think about it we would have never started cleaning the House. But look what it cost us to learn that if we do not put time limits on these guys we will never get out of this mess. Everyone these days that are in politics or want to be in politics are either totally stupid and corrupt or just insane and corrupt.

Elaine, Oakwood

This quote needs to be brought to the attention of all Americans especially right now. We are in the middle stages of socialism & the leader of this great Nation is pushing as fast as he & his czars can to get it moved into the next stage which is communism. We really need God's help now more then ever. I believe that he only helps those that help themselves.

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