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Two frogs, after a soaking spring rain, went for a walk behind a horse drawn wagon travelling along a country road. They were enjoying the fresh air, blue sky, and chirping of the crickets and fragrance of the flowers and grass which the could not see because they were walking in the rut created by the wagon wheels. A happy frog walking at ground level was cheerfully whistling when he spotted two (democratic) frogs in the rut and said "fellows, come up here with me and you can enjoy all of nature" " we are in this rut and can't get out' was the reply. Suddenly the sound of another wagon coming down this country road! Because these frogs were still teachable and listened to the encouragement of the frog "On Top". We suddenly hear three frogs happily whistling in the refreshing spring air.

This is directed at all the wafflers in the world and those who have been but choose to find a lesson in this for their own life.

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