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Very well said. I think it is important to note that the Const. says PRMOTE (not provide or ensure) the General Welfare. Also, the Founding Fathers believed welfare to mean "faring well" and knew that if it ever meant anything else than that, our nation would be in serious trouble. Madison is by far my favorite Founding Father and this quote is one of my favorites from him. If only he could see our nation now. Him and the rest of the Founding Fathers would be sadened to see their hard work towards a limited government disappear.


YES, BLESSED are the Peace Makers! We need alot more of them on Earth, also.


This is a tough one for most people to come to terms with but it makes perfect sense to me.We will be judged by how we judge,so I've heard.We will be forgiven by how we forgive.Besides,an Eternity spent in the way we will be judged by our Creator,seems to me to be reward or punishment enough for one soul.

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