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ARE YOU KIDDING WAFFLER? We share with our kids if we have anything left at death, but most is spent for our care, our burial and attys to divvy the spoils between themselves and the gov leaving little for those kids. It is OUR money to leave to our kids IF we have any left...and now the government wants the death tax back...55%...which is taxing already taxed income. THEFT would be a better word. I say great for anyone who leaves this earth and has something to share with their family...it means they were prudent and able to work hard enuff to save more than they needed to live those last years...sadly a luxury not everyone is blessed to experience. I can tell you that I rec'd not one dime in inheritance from one single relative-ever-and now am the old one...and I don't think there will be any great inheritence to leave my kids...but I certainly will hope to leave them a legacy of freedom to work and acquire their own savings for their later years. Gees, who do you think should receive the leftovers from ones life? Strangers? The government? People have the same opportunities I have had. The government needs to butt out of private lives and stop taxing us to death.

A Adams

Land use laws are prevalent in the USA now, so farmers can barely farm in some states as it takes a permit to cut a tree, a permit to plow a field, a permit to have cattle/sheep/chickens/pigs near springs and creeks, we are no different here than Peikoff's quote already...and where is the protest? Small!...we have citizens with herd mentality. They have been dumbed down in school and we as parents weren't getting it...it is they that will suffer, the next generations...and it will be our fault. We are not who we say we are in this country...it has become a sham...hopefully, people will snap out of it...and more will join the fight for freedom...or be led like lambs to slaughter.

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