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The statement stands without knowing from whose lips the statement came.

Abby, Newport

Wow, Archer, that last sentence is a doozy: "Every newborn babe will have to struggle against those that have laid claim to its labors, its body, and, most importantly, its MIND." Of course, having a newborn is becoming increasingly rare in America. And now even the possibility of reproducing is losing ground as sterility grows among the population both in the feminized men and the women who wait until middle age to attempt reproduction. That is going to increase that struggle by mountains...as there will be less hands to lighten the load...even if you consider the current interlopers. Declining birthrates have been in the news in many of the western nations recently.

Abby, Newport

That was then! Today: its  propaganda and indoctrination ..ask a young person to do a small new thing and many wait for instructions, rather than being able to 'tackle it' or figure it out. Antifa youth and BLM people have been educated at federal public schools...and they don't think beyond what they are doing until someone tells them what to do next. Ask a teen or young adult questions about individual liberty and many don't have an answer. Federal education TODAY is abhorrent. Home schoolers must often follow the federal guidelines to maintain homeschooling status. And with technocracy now in charge of education, one must fear for the little freedoms left to the individual. The quote itself is upstanding.

Abby, Newport

Print this and paste it on the bathroom mirror and put a plaque by the front door. Everyone should be reminded of this daily because they won't hear it on the news.

Abby, Newport

Absolutely...and so many others have pointed this out over the years. The interesting part is that today, parents are clamoring to get their kids 'back to school' where they have learned little over the past 50 years and schools have turned out some very anti-American people.
Why would parents want to subject their children to a FEDERAL education system which maligns this nation and promotes racism?
Parents need to rethink what their kids are learning and insist they learn history of the world, their country, and civics. And then learn how they can improve their own country not by tearing it apart, but by improving the things they don't like so life is great for everyone who lives here. They have the blueprint; its called the Constitution.

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