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“Historically, much of the motivation for public schooling has been to stifle variety and institute social control.”

~ Jack Hugh

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Anon    8/14/09

Very simply for the centralization of individual power from the many to the few.

cal, lewisville, tx

The Cato Institute is a great Libertarian Think Tank.

J Carlton, Calgary

Which is why I spend a lot of time with my kids. I ask them what they are being taught and when I see socialism I teach them the difference. And just for fun I give them questions to ask the teacher in front of the other students.

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

As is typical, Cato has it backwards...

Tim Peak, Gilbert, Arizona

People should consider private or home schooling for their children if they desire them to have a true education.

Waffler, Smith

BS. Any class room has the tendency to stifle variety and institute social control. Classes are about a group of people getting their minds around a particular body of knowledge. Such a system will always instill a certain uniformity.That is why some folk send their boys and girls to finishing school. A true education including a public one should instill in the student a joy of searching for knowledge outside of class. I would suggest that the more private and specialized schools are that way for the sole purpose of targeting a student to a particluar mind set while the large public school has diversity of student body and teachers, the teachers do not have to take a litmus test concerning their religion or politics etcetera.

J Carlton, Calgary

So Waff, we should ignore the socialist indoctrination of state schools? No one has property? The government is the final authority so you don't need to listen to Mom and Dad? Everyone has a right to some of what you've worked for? No one is a loser? No one is a winner? If the kids can't pass the tests we just lower the standards? Give me a break. They're dumbing kids down to the point where they can't even spell "pencil", let alone use one.

warren, olathe

Of course J Carlton. Waffler approves of the crap being done to the American student. Leftist indoctrination is what he wants and champions. He couldn't be more pleased. It doesn't matter how screwed up this country gets or how impoverished it becomes as long as socialism is the outcome.

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Anonymous    8/14/09

Read the quotes of the founders of the modern school system... most of them were also signers of the Humanist Manifesto

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    Anon    8/15/09

    Well Waff, by your defense of the present day school system you believe in what it teaches but I have to wonder why what I know now after years of self education is not taught in schools? Diversity you say! LOL. No litmus test? Does that give the authority to put only atheist belief in control of what is taught? Diversity! LOL. There is only one agenda being pushed in public schools today and that is the one of world citizenship in a global governing bureaucracy that makes decisions affecting all for the good of world peace and human rights. LOL. A lie on top of a lie as is usually the case. I'm glad my public education instilled in me a joy for searching for knowledge outside of class or I'd still be stuck in your mindset that slavery is freedom.

    Waffler, Smith

    Your last sentence seems to say that public education was okay when you attended Anon. I appreciated mine also, although the grown ups at the time thought we were all a lost generation. This idea that every knew generation and their school system is going to the dogs is not new. Every one things their progeny is precious above all others and resent sending them to school "with those others" with "those socialist children". Many still survive a "public" education and learn the joys of independent study. Thank God not all do. Wouldn't it be a boring world if all kids were straigth A students. We would be a nation of robots which I think is what some would have us be, as long as all the robots thought like you and had the same opinons and political beliefs of Warren. Mike wants all kids to somehow "worship" at the painting of Washington kneeling in prayer at Valley Forge. Remember that this is a painting, not a photograph. We have no knowledge whether he posed for that painting or whether or not anyone actually saw him do that. For all we know it could just be a symbolic painting for spreading propaganda or mythology about Washington but never mind Mike wants kids to be beat over the head with it so to speak.

    Mike, Norwalk

    Waffler, either you're stupid beyond belief or just a liar (or maybe both). You know I didn't say anything of the sort. I was stating that history had been so diluted in the public schools that today's kids would not even be familiar with the subject painting. The dumbing down of America is complete with high school graduates of the 2010s not getting the same level or quality of education as was had in the 1930s. The quote exposes one of the facets of the current statist theocracy that infests this nation.

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    RBESRQ    8/15/09

    Well done Reston. What a backward statement and so uneducated that it's an embarrassment to intelligence. Imagination is far from being stifled - the list of creativity that came our of the public school system is VERY long. That is really beside the point, what is the point is that many children would not have received an education if it was not for the PSS. Most children do not come from wealthy families and are unable to pay for private schools. Many brilliant minds have emanated from social programs that promote equality for kids. The problem with this nation is they want kids to be dumb and therefore cut schools spending whenever possible. A dumb nation is easy to cajole - the recent town hall demonstrations are an example of American education. I still believe in the public education system, we have just got to get it away from the bureaucrats and scholars of mediocrity.

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      Anon    8/16/09

      Waffler, it was only because my public education was lacking in truth that I innately knew something wasn't right in what I was being taught. It is this that instilled im me the desire to figure out why I felt I was being short changed. Hope that clears it up for you.

      Mike, Pleasant Hill

      The truth of this is obvious to an honest person that hasn't been worked over.

      Mike, Norwalk

      Government schools, managed by the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land, and supported by the government enabled multi-media industrial complex, proselytizes its religion (atheistic socialism) before / as preparation, during / along with and after / in life's moral, fiscal, philosophical and otherwise pursuits any scholastic endeavors (reading, writhing, math, etc.). Social control is recognized in allowing NO religion, system of law (Hebrew natural law - the law of nature or nature's God for example) or life style antagonistic with or contrary to the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land's unnamed establishment of religion (legislated and enforced by executive, judicial and so called law makers) to be taught or discussed.

      Robert, Neboville TN

      Never been more true than it is today.

      jim k, Austin

      This quote is true, unfortunately.

      Brad Geyer, Jefferson WI

      CATO is merely a tool used by big business to further the purchase of our government by the centralized money of the greedy, nothing to do with liberty.

      Check out Lewis Powell and his memo/manifesto.

      "The Cato Institute's articles of incorporation were filed in December 1974, with the name "Charles Koch Foundation," listing the original directors as Charles Koch, George Pearson, and Roger MacBride and the same address as Koch Industries in Wichita, Kansas."

      CATO's funders include:
      - Koch Industries Family Foundation
      - Bradley, Lynde and Harry Foundation
      - Claws Foundation
      - Donors Capital Fund/Donors Trust
      - Dunn's Foundation for the Advancement of Right Thinking
      - Sarah Scaife Foundation
      - Searle Freedom Trust

      Many of the funders are also funded by Kochs.

      CATO Institute Profile

      Mike, Norwalk

      Brad, we understand the ad hominem and otherwise off topic character assassination; what do you think of the quote (at face value - as if Stalin or Mao said it) ?

      E Archer, NYC

      A lot of great comments! Since public schools are financed by property taxes, public schools will vary in quality. Students from poorer neighborhoods will not have the same facilities or services as the wealthier neighborhoods. And there is a mindset that accompanies these environments. White collar vs. blue collar, corporate vs. individual, executive vs. laborer. Each serve their own end of the spectrum. Education is indeed a form of social control. In other words, programming. But, hey, I am into programming! I just want to be able to choose the programming vs. compulsory indoctrination. Some of these 'social' systems are in fact just rackets for protecting the wealth and power of the ruling class -- the children of whom will not be getting their education from a 'public' school.

      Robert, St. Emilion, France

      So corporate institutions are better - what do they teach????All you are doing is teaching a different kind of grovel....

      Abby, Newport

      Absolutely...and so many others have pointed this out over the years. The interesting part is that today, parents are clamoring to get their kids 'back to school' where they have learned little over the past 50 years and schools have turned out some very anti-American people.
      Why would parents want to subject their children to a FEDERAL education system which maligns this nation and promotes racism?
      Parents need to rethink what their kids are learning and insist they learn history of the world, their country, and civics. And then learn how they can improve their own country not by tearing it apart, but by improving the things they don't like so life is great for everyone who lives here. They have the blueprint; its called the Constitution.


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